I see in Ugo Felici innate abilities that are not common in the field of pictorial expressiveness. A solitary, introspective man, able to perceive the essence of a result through a fundamental and illuminated vision of the subject matter he has chosen and executed using any technique. Ugo works as if through a pictorial filter that immediately turns him intuitively towards a chosen technique, over and above the syntactic development of the subject matter.
Felici portrays dynamic feeling that is immediately translated into image within an imaginary and secretive sphere and leads to a profoundly distant emotional point, he brings his every sign, every tone and timbre of colour, to confirm a vision that hides a throbbing, illuminating heart in synthesis with light and space.
This is his quality and his novelty, a slow, meditating progression lit by the light of instinct and emotion, a feeling that always pursues vibrant lyricism in its first impression.
The continuous, patient exercise on reality, the essence of space and form has allowed Felici to develop a firm and technically perfect language.
I deem him to be a sensory person who has the power, as few do, to always perceive the poetic essence of reality and of nature in general.

Franco Fiorucci

Rich, harmonious, confident, his interiors sing the daily song of the heart with glances, gestures and caresses.
The shades of colour are warmed by a secret and meditative emotion beyond which there are voices, the rustle of fabrics, the warmth of the rooms, the happiness of living there. All this is achieved with great measure and poetry, intimate joy: beautiful figures that live secure in the knowledge of not being portraits, in the explosion of their natural beauty, without ever falling back on a photographic instant.

Ivana Baldassarri